Wild watch

You are invited to observe in his  natural habitat  one of the most interesting wild animal living in the Harghita region, the carpathian brown bear.

At the foothills of the mountain, in a forest, a well equipped, secure and comfortable observation point is available for the participants.

Planned starting hours (daily): 4-6 p.m.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Please note, that the schedule can be modified based on the request of our guest and by weather conditions.

Additional information, conditions of participation:

-         The participants will be briefed in detail about the trip before starting.

-         Necessary equipment: hiking boots, warm and waterproof clothing.

-         The guide is an experienced and licensed hunting professional. Your full cooperation with the guide is crucial for the success of the observation.

-         The participants will use a well-equipped terrain vehicle to approach the observation point. The last part of the route will be walked.


For more information please contact us! - 0740 354 012 


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