We care about your kids!

The Horizont guesthouse is Székelyudvarhelys first and only baby and child-friendly guesthouse.

Our goal is for children to have fun at our place!

Baby- and child-friendly equipment:

Cots, baby bedding, baby pads, potty, children toilet reducer, baby baths, baby bath and shampoo in the room, children's bathrobe, baby changing room, stool, thermometer, child proof sockets, cartoon channel on the TV, baby bed, high chair , children's cutlery, children patterned napkins, bottle warmers, bibs, children's corner with toys, board games and cards.



Jumping-board, sandpit, swings, climbing wall, slide, outdoor area for ball games, movable soccer gate, badminton, pedal tractor, chilling area, stroller...

These services are free of charge !!!

Please announce us in advance, if you need any of them!

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