The best place to be!

Dear guests!

This was a period of adaptation, of mutual attention for eachother.
We learned to be more careful, we learned to put even more emphasis on obvious issues. We are more thorough, more cautious and more forward-looking. We do all this so that our employees, and you of course, can continue to feel completely safe. This is greatly helped by our detached bungalows, which have a separate kitchen, living and dining area, a private bathroom and a bedroom in the gallery.

We disinfect everything regularly, introduce hand sanitizers into our units and do everything we can to make sure you still have the most comfortable stay with us.
We would like to list some measures we can offer:

  • a separate kitchen as well as a bathroom, completely biologically disinfected against pathogens, after each guest
  • hand disinfection points
  • outdoor equipment, furniture, playground regularly disinfected
  • self reception, self check-in
  • breakfast: on request small breakfast basket in the house - room service

As our regular guests have become accustomed to, we don’t have a reception (maybe we were already advanced years ago?). Before arrival, we will send you a message with the necessary information, such as the number of the bungalow prepared, the location of the key, etc. The authentication forms, that need to be completed, will be found on the table, making the authentication process easier and more secure.

Breakfast is the most important meal - it can either make or break your day. We do not want to change our good habit of offering a rich breakfast to our early bird guests. To avoid the jam at the breakfast tables, we have made breakfast baskets available for our residents, which they can comfortably eat in their small houses.

If you do not want to go on holiday or relax, we can make sure that all of our bungalows offer the perfect location for your home office.

Exercise is the key to our health, so we pay special attention to make sure you have exercise opportunities. you also have acces to table tennis, sports field, playground and bicycles equipped for this purpose, of course, they also go through regular disinfection.

4 houses, 4 meters ... if it’s required, we can offer you a separate yard for each bungalow.

We think it's much safer not to pay in cash, so we prefer card payment, which you can conveniently carry out from your home based on the invoice you receive via email before you arrive.
Of course, as always, we ensure the best cancellation policy. Reservations can be canceled 3 days before arrival and can also be re-booked. If a new date cannot be agreed, we will refund the amount paid.

We wish you a pleasant stay!
The Horizont team


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