Kayaking on Zetea Lake

Exciting outdoor program


    Come and try this new experience on Zetea Lake, at the foothills of Harghita Mountain.  Zetea Lake is located in a breathtaking vally, between high pine trees in a peaceful, hamonious atmosphere.

A great trip for children and adults, at half hour distance from our guesthouse!

Name Price/person/hour Minimal users Max users Notes
Kayak 25 lei 1 2 Can be used with a small child (3 - 5 ani)
Paddleboard (SUP) 30 lei 1 1 All round paddleboard even for beginners
Double kayak 23 lei 2 3 Can be used by 2 adults and 1 child(5 - 10 yrs)
Waterbike 25 lei 2 5 Can be used by 4 adults and 1 child(5 - 10 yrs)

Information, prices, booking:

Tel: 0742 837 699

Facebook: KayaKing

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