It’s raining? No problem!

What to do on rainy days?!

What to do on rainy days?


1. Recreate yourself and relax

The local and surrounding Wellness & Spa Centers are well-treating and spoiling their guests, so their resting time may become a proper experience.

Check these places and their offers:



2. If you wish to know more about the historical Udvarhelyszék, cultural material and intellectual legacy, then you can visit these museums and cultural institutions:




3. Do you like bowling? This is a really diversified and pretty spectacular sport, which is at the same time, one of the oldest games in the world. The Septimia Complex is awaiting their visitors with 6 modern alleys, so they can enjoy this game’s gladness in a vibrant and pleasant environment.



4. Dear sweet-toothed guests, check this out! Those in love with chocolate can visit the local chocolate factory and their exhibitor store, and you can taste their manufactured chocolate specialties. You can also enjoy your own personalized chocolate accompanied by coffee and tea specialties.



5. Have you ever heard about pálinka, the Szekler’s special traditional drink? If not, then you can visit Jamy’s distillery and you can familiarize yourself with their modern technology used to prepare our specific beverage. Be brave when tasting it!


6. Csíki Brewery – another story of Szekler’s success! Visiting their brewery will not just dazzling your eyes – allowing you to get insight into the process of beer production -, but you also can be part of a special beer tasting experience. For sure, you will want to enjoy your beer to the greatest extent possible, so first you should prepare your stomach. Therefore, you can have a meal here to.  Traditional beer taste better accompanied by traditional Szekler food.


7. Try the effective clima of the Parajdi salt mine. It is recommended for everyone, and there is no secret of the health benefits and disease curing properties that you will receive from spending time in this salt mine. For those ones who are healthy this salty fresh air is helping to relax, to revitalize, and is also making our skin beautiful.


8. Our municipal library is awaiting everyone with open arms, offering interesting programs. You can challenge yourself in one of the escape rooms, or you can also enjoy of the opportunities offered by their digital planetarium and the 3D cinema – soon they will open a manual press section and the Carpathian Basin’s hungarian folk costums can be admired too.

They have permanent and thematic programs for smaller groups too, respectively they are offering other services apart on demand.


9. If none of these ideas arouse your curiosity, or you just wish to chill away the day and watch some movies, you can experience all this in the warmth and comfort of your room.

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